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All for socials
Video for the Leads campaign for the association "Out for Change"
The video brought 50 leads in one week on a low budget.
A story for "Isrotel" hotel chain
Story for the Instagram page of the employees of the "Isrotel" hotel chain.
Street interview video
Video editing for a real estate agent who did a weekly corner on Facebook
CTA to Natalie for TikTok and reels videos on Instagram
Natalie is a leafing blogger.
CTA for Einav TikTok and Reels videos on Instagram
Einav is a leading blogger 
CTA to Lior Saloni's YouTube videos
Lior is a leading blogger.
Video campaign
Natalie is a leafing blogger.
A video for Lior Saloni's Instagram and ticketing page
The purpose of the video is to create a moment and awareness in people and a personal connection to Lior.
Lior Saloni's Instagram and TikTok page
Lior is coacher for NLP.
A video for Yahav Rubin's Instagram
Yahav Rubin holds a digital marketing course that give value to the self-employed!.
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